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Let’s talk about humanities starts with the first episode, on Gender and Politics . Mireia Jaime, a student in the master’s degree in Digital Editing , talks to researcher Begonya Enguix about the relationship between gender and politics, specifically about the figures that occupy the current political landscape, from the perspective of the study of masculinities. If you want to know more about the project or future podcasts , you can find it here . The interview – Gender and politics with Begona Enguix. You can listen to the first interview on ivoox and Spotify .

In case you prefer to read the interview, we attach it transcribed below: Mireia : Welcome to Parlem d’Humanitats , the podcast where UOC experts bring you the research they do in the Arts and Humanities Studies, all reflecting on the most interesting topics and answering Oman Phone Number List questions. My name is Mireia Jaime and today I am accompanied by teacher Begonya Enguix. La Begonya is a professor of studies and directs the program of the interuniversity degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution. She is an expert in the anthropology of gender and sexuality, body and identity, urban anthropology and the media.

Gender And Politics With Begona Enguix

Today he is with us to talk about the relationship between gender and politics, especially the new figures we find on the current world political scene. Could you introduce yourself a little more before you start? Can you tell us which research group you belong to and what your research topics are? Begonya : I have a degree in American Anthropology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a PhD in social and cultural anthropology from the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona. At the moment, I am the coordinator of a research group consolidated and recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya called MEDUSA Genders

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In transition, bodies, masculinities, affections and technoscience. And I’m also with different research projects that I imagine will come out throughout the conversation. M : Of course I do. Let us now turn to the subject before us: gender and politics. In recent years, politics around the world has undergone major changes. Inspired, above all, by social movements such as feminism, environmentalism, anti-racism and the LGTBIQ movement, we see how new ways of organizing themselves have emerged that take into account the diversity of its members and provide new lines of action.

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thought of his political programs which, until recently, were not of the highest order. In Spain, we see that these changes have also taken place and in terms of gender, specifically. We see how in 2007, the quota system for the election of candidates for popular positions is, a measure. That aims to ensure the presence of women in political office; parties are beginning to put specific programs. On their agenda to address gender-issues, such as gender-violence. And efforts are being made, albeit by bringing them into public debate, to boost women’s access to high.

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