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I thought having human staff on the other end. Of these complaints showed that google was starting to care more, and that using a standardized form meant. The complaints handling process would be easier.Unfortunately, at this moment, it seems that I was wrong. Just follow the popular #stopcraponthemap thread on twitter. And you’ll see an even more steady stream of local guides and spam fighters sharing sadly comical examples. Of particularly egregious and obvious instances of gmb spam.It’s worth noting that even with the impending. Closure of the spam forum, google my business. Product experts still have a lot of clout in the spam department. They always identify new patterns and hunt down the latest spam networks. With so much more spam being created every day, it is imperative that they. Continue their good work.

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This worked much better when map maker was. Around, as peers could review your edits. But we find that suggested edits are less helpful in most cases. Google’s turnaround time is around 3-4. Months, we’ve found. “So we already have a case where:google. My business is Honduras Phone Number critical to business successpeople take advantage of his weaknesses google has made efforts to make spam fighters toothless spam. Still works and “It’s getting worse, not better” (as joy hawkins testifies again below) today, 20-30% of the ad rankings for a personal injury attorney. Retainer in a major city were fake. The situation is getting worse, not better. #stopcraponthemap. Joy hawkins (joyannehawkins) 11 mars 2019 then. Many local guides started to have their account suspended for no apparent reason.

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And your program. Level 10 with over 100,000 edits, to end like this. Pic.Twitter.Com/6bmzn0fglj – michael w. Jones) 7 mars 2019the above is a particularly bad example of local guides having their accounts stripped for no reason. While google’s goal may have been to automatically remove local guides accounts that. Behave questionably (a noble goal, I might add), when dedicated local guides are unceremoniously. Removed from the program without warning, it should questioning google’s. Overall approach to spam suppression. .As always, all of this comes with google’s. Usual silence.So what can we do about it?While the above.

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