Marketplaces Are Known Competition

Where users can ask questions of other buyers and are more likely to leave reviews. Customer Support Merca2.0 Magazine Generating trust translates into addressing all possible user questions about properties, characteristics and use of the product, it is essential to offer a good brand image. In addition, the information about the products is controlled and in this way the degree of personalization that is usually lacking in marketplaces can be provided , where all the product sheets are the same and customer service is usually agile, but cold.

This also affects the private messages you receive from buyers who have started a purchase process through the marketplace , are waiting for their shipment or have had a problem receiving it. According to Amazon, sellers who respond in less than 24 hours receive 50% fewer Senegal Phone Number reviews . 3. Choose the Promotions well marketing-strategies-for-marketplacesMarketplaces are known for the fierce competition that arises within each category, especially when periods of offers and massive sales are opened.

The Best Marketing Strategy In A Marketplace

Participating is so as not to lose positioning, since marketplace users are always waiting for opportunities and lower prices. However, if buyers to seeing your products on sale. When you want to raise them to a normal and more advantageous price for you. They will wait for them to go down again… or they will look for a more affordable alternative among your competitors. Discounts should be the occasional novelty and not the norm. In addition to other indirect promotional strategies, such as discount codes for followers on social networks

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Or when customers provide their email or whatsapp number. 4. Don’t Forget Reviews The best marketing strategy in a marketplace is user ratings. Having many reviews (of course, much better if they are positive), is the fastest way to climb the rankings. The marketplace will reward you for being popular and providing good service to customers. Send reminders to your customers to leave a review on the marketplace , but avoid ‘buying’ reviews, as many marketplaces prohibit this practice and the platform’s algorithms always end up discovering these bad practices. 5.

It Is Important To Know The Characteristics

Pivot Information on Social Networks digital_marketing_trendsTry to attract traffic from other platforms to the marketplace , especially on Facebook and Instagram. A content marketing strategy based on optimizing your product profiles. For search engines and developing ad campaigns on Google. Facebook or Instagram, depending on where your audience is most present. Is part of a comprehensive system to make yourself known in the field digital. Conclution: It is important to know the characteristics of each marketplace to implement a specific strategy and be successful.

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