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Are you a business owner considering trying Facebook B2B marketing? Facebook (FB) is the most popular social media platform in the world with 2.27 billion users. But, it still got a bad reputation lately for fake news and user privacy scandals.This could be one of the reasons Facebook’s organic traffic has been declining over the years. In fact, it’s been reported that in 2017 alone, some brands saw a 20% drop in their page’s organic reach in E-commerce Photo Editing and engagement compared to the previous year. And after Facebook founder Zuckerberg’s big announcement, that rate dropped even further. Yes, it fell over 34%! But ironically, even though FB has received some negative publicity lately, it actually presents a unique opportunity for business owners. With more businesses now trying to decouple from the platform.

This Gives Other Businesses E-commerce Photo Editing

This gives other businesses a better opportunity to advertise on the platform.After all, those 2.41 billion users aren’t going anywhere. Can Facebook B2B Marketing Work? You might be thinking now “but wait. It businesses leave Facebook, doesn’t that mean that I, as a B2B marketer, will have a smaller target audience on Facebook?”Not exactly. You see, FB is always full of Business Decision Makers (BDMs), and they are your E-commerce Photo Editing true target audience. According to Facebook IQ, 40% of BDMs use FB to message colleagues.BDMs are 40% more likely to have more than 200 friends. The median time spent on FB by BDMs is 74% higher than other people on the platform. They also tend to engage with a wider variety of content.Non-BDMs use FB on the desktop 10% of the time.

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This Number Climbs E-commerce Photo Editing

This number climbs to 23% in the computer industry. These figures indicate that users can use FB at work.All of this means that there are plenty of opportunities to contact BDMs during the day while they’re at work / messaging co-workers on FB. And there are plenty of ways to E-commerce Photo Editingengage them, as they tend to engage with a wider variety of content on the platform. How does Facebook B2B Marketing WorksSo how can your business reach these BDMs on Facebook during the day?

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