Mauna Media In The Penzini Squared Program

They share a radio space that they baptized Penzini al Cuadrado on Unión Radio, where father and son have become the best economics professors that Venezuelans have had in times of crisis: “We tackled a topic that interests citizens and especially their pockets. It is educational, we teach them to use financial instruments in a practical way; that they may have guidance on where the economy is going and what to do with their personal finances. It is a job with double satisfaction because in addition to teaching others, at the same time I learn from a great teacher: my dad”.

Listening to his father buy shares on the stock market, his curiosity for that world that has Wall Street as its sanctuary was born from a young age. “Studying Engineering opened the field for Australia Phone Number List that is Calculus and Mathematics. So if I think about it, the combination turned out to be ideal because my career has helped me with what I have called “financial engineering”. After having worked with brokerage firms in the United States for several years and teaching postgraduate courses at the University of Miami, Pedro returned to his country.

About Pedro Penzini Lopez

Although his plan was to return to his work abroad in a year, the feeling of feeling at home guided him. “When they ask me the reason for my decision, I always answer with the simple but powerful reason that this is my country. Here are my roots, my family and this is the way to help restore democracy. I do not change Venezuela for any country in the world. This is where I want to consolidate my voiceover and financial advisory career more and more. And if I had the opportunity to help the country’s finances from a position, I would take it without hesitation.”

Australia Phone Number List

A group of Venezuelans participated through social networks. And to collect information about the emergency caused by the rains in 2011 in Venezuela. Reports were approved when reasonable information appeared, and were subject to further verification. The group of people promoted the collaboration of all to achieve accurate monitoring. Of the rain situation during the crisis situation. For one week in November each year. Thousands of events and activities take place simultaneously in 170 countries. To inspire millions of people to start or continue doing business

So If I Think About It, The Combination

And connect with potential allies, mentors and even investors. Powered by the Kauffman Foundation. This initiative is supported by dozens of world leaders and a network of more than 15,000 partner organizations. What is the Global Entrepreneurship Week looking for? Articulate: Coordinate public and private organizations and institutions. That promote entrepreneurship as an alternative to generate an impact on. The economic development of the country, accelerating and promoting the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies.

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