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El Universal to collaborate in its Anniversary Edition “La Vía Digital” on the occasion of its 102 years of life. Published on May 16, the anniversary edition of El Universal was especially to the digital world , a world that Mauna Media lives with great enthusiasm on a daily basis. It has been a very modest collaboration but one that fills us with pride, for allowing us to put a grain of sand in such a prestigious media outlet and also by writing about what we are passionate about.

What we share in El Universal To Miguel Bernal; Director and Social Media Manager of Mauna Media , he wrote about this technological trend known as ” Cloud Computing ” and that you USA Phone Number List read under the title: “In the era of the cloud, goodbye to the hard drive “. The truth is that it is very good and has been quite on Social Networks. For my part, and consistent with my role as Community Manager for Mauna Media , I took on the challenge of writing precisely about this job that has emerged on today’s web, and that has

What We Share In El Universal

to with a professional discipline that is increasingly known as ” Community Management “. If you like, you can download the articles in .PDF format: “In the era of the cloud, goodbye to the hard drive” by Miguel Bernal “The Community Manager” by Jesús MaceiraSo for the “conversation manager” this becomes a very broad field of work in which digital strategies and for each case. Therefore, The challenge is to take more and more advantage of social networks and the new digital communication channels.

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People who want to enter this field should know that online community management. Is not part of a new element of marketing in the organization . Therefore, On the contrary, managing the conversation on social networks aims to establish relationships of trust and identify emotional ties. That with constant monitoring and, above all, with adequate and pertinent communication. The CM must develop many skills (including the use of countless tools and technological channels)

Consistent With My Role As Community

but the most important thing is to develop and have experience communicating, conversing and interacting. Therefore, Being a Community Manager is not decreed, being a Community Manager. Is through experience.” Miguel Bernal, Social Media Manager of Mauna Media. Therefore, Your doubts and questions about sports, beauty, health, well-being, science and myths will not be left for history. Send them to and an expert will answer them.

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