Mention The Solution To The Challenge

Therefore, it is important to focus on what they are looking for and how the content can provide a solution to the question . Use the meta descriptions to answer those questions with a solution or benefit , in this way it will be possible to capture the attention of those who read those texts and motivate them to click on the content. Another recommendation is to give the user a good reason to enter the page: draw his attention, invite him to click, tell him what is of interest to him on the website, why he needs to enter, what is offered.

You must also be honest with what we talk about on our site or about a topic, and verify that the content responds to Nigeria Phone Number is promised to the user. 2- Mention the solution to the challenge Offer a solution to the challenge that readers are trying to solve. For example, if the content is about useful social networking software , mention how many items are in the article or content and why the post might be of value to readers.

Keep The Description Concise

The meta description helps to “sell” the content that so that the audience clicks on the links within the search engines. The descriptions also indicate how many options to read or why it is important for you to know about them. Another idea for this point is to give the solution and include a call to action, write it in the imperative and at the end of the text. The “what” to write will depend on what you want to achieve:


Enter now, discover more, read it in the post, choose yours, etc. 3- Keep the description concise The meta description cannot be very long, as there is a maximum number of characters (156). Ideally, keep the length between 139 characters. With this in mind, the body of the page is where the audience. Try to give a quick summary of the page or the key point. The content that will stand out for the audience. 4- Keywords keyword Positioning Web Systems Another important point is to include the keywords of the title, these will appear in bold drawing the reader’s attention and facilitating “scannability” .

Be Attractive And Unique

One of the main ideas with meta descriptions is that they make sense to the reader and provide the information. They need to know how they can benefit from it. In addition, there are other suggestions for this point. Do not alternate case , it can make it difficult for search engines to find the page. Don’t use quotes , they can create confusion with the HTML code. Include the keyword preferably at the beginning of the sentence than at the end. 5- Be attractive and unique Meta descriptions can be fun and engaging for readers. Elements such as fun or engagement is something that can make the text very attractive.

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