Navigation is Complicated

Tip: Take inventory of your content and decide what is important to the main body of the website and what could be used as blog posts. Keep the content in your main pages simple, defining your products and services in terms people understand and how it benefits them. Stay away fromQatar WhatsApp Number List. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Try to keep your navigation to no more than two levels and use clear text-based links. Keep in mind that most users are searching from a smartphone or tablet and may be shown alternative navigation schemes. When it comes to website navigation, the simpler the better.

Text Is Too Much Or Too Little

Tip: Once you have your content organized for your target audience, the navigation should coincide cleanly with the structure. There’s a fine line between too much and too little content on your web pages. Many Qatar WhatsApp Number List believe all you just need a couple of messages with images and you are all set. They see Apple and Nike and want to copy their minimalist look. Unfortunately for most small businesses, we’re not instantly recognized so we need content to explain what we do, for whom and what benefits we provide. Otherwise visitors will go elsewhere to find the information they need.

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On the other hand, a text heavy page makes finding the right information difficult. Many businesses try to cover everything they do on the homepage and end up with clutter. It’s important to present your information in an engaging and simple way to ensure you keep the attention of your visitors.  Work on making your messages clear and concise. People need to Qatar WhatsApp Number List and quickly determine if you are the right solution for them. You can use bullets and headlines to get your message across. For every sentence you write, ask the question “so what?” If there’s no answer or the answer doesn’t add to the value you provide, eliminate it.

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