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Metadata 2 Content 3 Social Proof & Customer Honduras Phone Number Service Today, we can no longer distinguish between SEO and conversion optimization; both disciplines are closely related through user experience. Since Google started to factor “user satisfaction” into ranking criteria, Honduras Phone Number the line has blurred. That makes things easier because we can look at product landing page elements Honduras Phone Number through the same lens. METADATA The first touchpoint between user and brand is on the search results page, not on the website. A brand presents itself through metadata (from the source code of the page), which is composed of three elements.

That makes things Honduras Phone Number

Title URL Description Meta Keywords Honduras Phone Number (meta keywords haven’t mattered in some time) All three elements are important for conversion because they signal the user what to expect behind the result. The search result has to look right for the user to click. If the Honduras Phone Number user doesn’t get to the page in the first place, a perfectly conversion-optimized experience Honduras Phone Number doesn’t matter. Below is a snippet from a standard search engine result. Screenshot showing google search result When a snippet has enhancements, we call it a “rich snippet.” Rich snippets come with additional features, such as review stars, technical specs, breadcrumb navigation, price, rating, and more.

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Page in the first Honduras Phone Number

Screenshot showing google search result Honduras Phone Number In the following section, we will go over optimizing these snippets for maximum clicks. TITLE The title tag has become one of the strongest ranking signals for organic search. The title’s job is more than just a heading; it sets Honduras Phone Number the tone for what the piece of content is about for users and search engines. It creates the Honduras Phone Number semantic context (meaning) for the body content and other keywords in it. Best And Worst Practice Screenshot showing google search results

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