Places That Didn’t Show Ads Before Rsa Came Along Senegal Phone Number

Advertisers know that to be successful with Google search. ads, they need to be able to stand out in a competitive environment, which often means having ads qualified to show in coveted positions above search. results. And since PPC is no longer a secret, there are. always more advertisers ready to compete for those few highly desirable ad spaces. So when we learn that we can show our ads on new inventory when using a new Google Ads feature, such as Responsive Search. Ads (RSA), that grabs our attention. So where exactly does Google get this new inventory that they claim. Could Responsive Search Ads (RSA) be eligible? And what is the right way to evaluate the performance of this new inventory

In a perfect world we would be able to


replicate the exact same. conditions for a search multiple times and display a different ad variation each time to get data on which. ad is generating the best results, if that result is the best CTR, conversion rate, or conversions per impression (a combination of the 2 previous statistics).But Senegal Phone Number we don’t live in a perfect world, so we. have to sacrifice some precision and try to keep the variables in our tests as low as possible. In Google Ads it is really very difficult, because many factors change and over which we cannot always control. In some cases, the best we can do is compare similar ad formats (eg, expanded text ads) within the. same ad group where it targets the same audience. While it may look like an apples to apples comparison,

which match even more different queries

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and the ads are shown to people entirely different. In some cases, we’ll be comparing different ad formats agains. each other, but that only makes sense if those ads were competing for the same ad space. For example, it’s a fair test of when an ad space on the Display Network.

could have accepted a display ad or a text ad. But it’s not a fair test when some of that inventory was able to serve only text ads and some only ads. This is an additional variable that.

confuses the results.RSAs should be evaluated on incrementality With RSAs, simply comparing the performance of RSA with ETAs in the same ad group is a flawed test because Google claims that RSAs have access to inventory where the ETA could not have appeared.


There are all sorts of cases where you could end up serving impressions in a low CTR placement that you never previously qualified for.

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