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Have you ever heard or said in an everyday situation “is it surreal”? Can you think of any moments or behaviors that could be described as surreal? This word has been incorporated into our vocabulary and we often use it outside the creative context in which it was born. In Surrealism, Poetry and the Visual Arts , a subject in the UOC’s Master’s in Humanities: Contemporary Art, Literature and Culture , we retrace the path of the birth of the neologism Surrealism , coined by the French writer Guillaume Apollinaire and defined as a literary and artistic current by André Breton . .

We will travel to 1924 , to resume the founding manifestos of this artistic movement and to analyze the complex relationship it established with literature and the visual arts .We will study the foundational assumptions of surrealism and the translation of its doctrinal principles into the Sweden Phone Number List field to observe the discovery and application of unpublished creative mechanisms. We will flee from the immediate and the present to take a retrospective look that allows us to reconnect with the art of Miró , a plastic artist who from the rue Blomet, in Paris, lived up close the creative outbreak of surrealism .

This Word Has Been Incorporate

From the French capital we will expand the focus to observe the contributions of André Masson, Max Ernst, René Magritte, Jean Arp, Salvador Dalí, Michel Leiris, Robert Desnos, Georges Bataille, Antonin Ataud and Paul Éluard . Therefore, Frame from the film Un chien andalou, 1929 Getting closer to these artists and intellectuals will connect us with the turbulent reality of the twentieth century, the wounds and ravages of the two world wars and the burden of the Spanish Civil War. A historical perspective that will force us to carry out a critical analysis of the future of surrealism,

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especially its political complicities, its link with colonialism, its heteropatriarchal position and its ramifications . Therefore, In the subject of Surrealism, poetry and visual arts you will find a space. To investigate the creativity promulgated by the founding texts of Surrealism and to activate. Therefore, The critical sense towards the movement itself and to reread it. Therefore, Here you will find more information on the subject ‘Surrealism, poetry. Snd the visual arts’ and the UOC Master’s in Humanities One of the topics. That worries you most is precisely the choice of topic. You, Begonya, how do you handle this task?

Retrospective Look That Allows

Do you have any special tricks? Any ideas, tools or methodology you can share? B : Look, the first thing to choose a research topic, and it will seem obvious what I’m going to say. But I think it’s very important, is that you and passionate because research is a very exciting and very carry. Therefore, So, you must be curious about that subject. Therefore, You must want to know something about that subject. You have to want to understand something. From here, one of the problems, not only in my path, already long enough, with the research..

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