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Responsive search ads and the performance. Changes India Phone Number when google’s machine learning system starts. Showing the ad to a new audience that doesn’t. Has not been exposed to the old. Ad type survey investigating why performance has. Changed usually starts with a question about a primary kpi. For example, you might ask, “why did we see. Fewer conversions last month than the month before?” extracting India Phone Number this data can. Be done directly in the google ads interface. By adding a second date range to the. Campaign pages. This is simple enough when you want. To know the size of the change, but it quickly. Becomes tedious when advertisers. Start looking for interactions between metrics. In an attempt to connect the dots to. Determine the underlying cause.

Manually Investigating Why Account India Phone Number

Performance has changed involves several India Phone Number steps. In the google ads interface for example, if you find that. Conversions have increased, you might want to know why this happened. As we all know, there are two direct conversion factors. Clicks, and whether those clicks converted. Had a conversion rate. Next, if we want to know why clicks have changed. We need to look at the two main things that drive clicks. Impressions and India Phone Number ctr. This quickly becomes difficult in the google. Ads interface where everything is in one big. Table that is very wide and cannot be read without scrolling from left to right. A tool like optimizer’s ppc investigator greatly. Simplifies this type of top-down performance investigation.

Its Visualization Closely Mirrors India Phone Number

india Phone Number

The steps a ppc pro would normally India Phone Number go through manually.optmyzr ppc investigator tool connects the dots so an account manager. Can quickly understand the main reason why their kpis are changing. In this example, conversions are down primarily. Due to a lower conversion rate.the tool has many filters that allow for deeper analysis, such as filters for. Campaigns, labels, date ranges, networks, and device India Phone Number types. It only takes a few clicks to rerun the full scan. When a finding leads to further questions. For example, when an advertiser sees. A drop in conversion rate. They might wonder if this is due to differences. Between their mobile and desktop sites.this in-depth analysis is just a click. Away by adding a filter for device types.

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