Protection Of Customer And Business

For that: Make sure you have great photos and description of your products Create a special section or category in your store showing all the products with special promotions for the date Use visual aids such as the image carousel, category and promotion banners. Checkout button optimization Make it clear how you can be contacted for possible questions or comments. Specify which are the methods of payment, shipping and delivery times 6. Protection of customer and business data

During sales campaigns traffic increases and financial transactions as well. Every time they make a purchase on your portal, you handle sensitive and private data , which is why cyberattackers are the Cambodia Phone Number of the day, devising ways to steal it and commit fraud, so you must make sure that your site is shielded to take care of so much business data. like those of the clients. He considers that consumer confidence is on the rise, more so when buying at events such as the Hot Sale; last year 43% of buyers felt safe.

Provide Incredible Customer Service

However 39% felt not safe at all . Although there are challenges to implementing cybersecurity technologies due to the investment they require, without good security for transactions it is better not to sell. 7. Provide incredible customer service It’s a reality: during Hot Sale people will be browsing the internet in search of super attractive promotions and, if they don’t get quick answers to their questions, they will buy from another brand.

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For this reason, it is key that you organize in advance how the customer service that you are going to provide will be before, during and after the event. Define a communication plan in the service channels that you are going to use those days: WhatsApp, mail, online chat, social networks, etc). Can I participate in the Hot Sale even if I am not an AMVO member? The companies that can participate and make use of the Hot Sale image are those that belong to AMVO . However, there are other options and variants that you can use in your image and

Can I Participate In The Hot Sale

You are still in time to take advantage of this great online sales season. 3. Dissemination and Publicity Remember that creating a campaign and not publicizing. It is like organizing a party but not telling anyone. It is important that in the previous days you communicate on all your channels the products and services that will have special promotions and discounts. In this way you generate expectations and make sure that the public visits you again on that date. You can create:

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