Proven Customer Support Tools Norway Phone Number for Startups With Plans to Scale

Norway Phone Number List
Norway Phone Number List

In the beginning, you and your co-founders bootstrapped Norway Phone Numbersolutions and personally attended to each customer like they were newborn kittens. Your internal messaging system was a tap on the shoulder, and your communal desk doubled as a ping-pong table (or was it the other way around?). Startup life can be gritty and romantic, that’s for sure. But now the product is Norway Phone number selling like hotcakes, you’ve been featured on Product Hunt, and venture capitalists are sleeping in tents outside Norway Phone Number your apartment. The demand is there, but support needs to keep pace. Navigating this phase can be tricky. As the customer list gets longer so too will your help queue. Luckily, with the right toolkit, scaling support operations won’t be a problem.

Slite — A Communal Information Norway Phone Number Hub

Customers want their issues resolved quickly, and when Norway Phone Number assists a large volume of clients with a small (but mighty) support team, it’s a good idea to make “first-call resolution rates” one of your top priorities. To succeed in this, however, the first step is to minimize ”escalating” issues beyond the associate level. Here, as in most of life’s endeavors, information is power. Slite functions as a hybrid between Slack and Evernote as a way for teams to share large amounts of information in an organized fashion. Agents won’t need to consult supervisors or colleagues when reviewing policies, or when uncertain about processes. By encouraging Norway Phone Number support reps to be self-sufficient, you’re eliminating call transfers and saving time.

Onboarding and Workflow Norway Phone Number Management

Agent onboarding was easy when the support team Norway Phone Number was you and your co-founders, still easy when it was three people sitting at the table behind you, but suddenly not so easy when there’s a new employee every 2 weeks and your calendar looks like one of Mondrian’s later works. Process Street organizes your essential processes for easy Norway Phone Number viewing, quick changes, and effortless implementation. When your team gets larger, it’s important to give new employees a consistent and thorough onboarding experience. With Process Street, you can create workflows, produce checklists for your employees, and monitor progress. It’s a multipurpose tool for making sure things get done right the first time.

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