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Gather topics on what your audience needs and what questions they ask. Put your editorial calendar together that includes topics, which media to use, publish dates and focused keyword phrases. Begin with a compelling headline that will entice the human first. A good headline will also Uganda WhatsApp Number List lead your audience to you. Tell a story so people stay interest. If using video or a podcast, create a brief transcript so visitors can scan for important points. Use interesting images that reinforces your message that will be seen when you promote the content on social media.

Promote and Syndicate Your Content

Include a call to action, even if it is simply to leave a comment or leave a review for a podcast or video. Don’t forget to promote your content on your social media profiles and email it to your list. Don’t underestimate the power great content can have on your visibility. It is a lot of Uganda WhatsApp Number List it provides to showcase your expertise and increase website traffic is worth the effort. LinkedIn provides a publishing platform, Pulse, to all members. You can post original content within your area of expertise and interests to help you reach more of your audience with your content. This content becomes part of your professional profile and is searchable both on LinkedIn and through search engines.

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Don’t let your quality content sit dormant on your blog. Promote your content on your Facebook Page and then share it on your personal profile. Post your content on your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company page. Make sure you have a featured image in your post and select it when you post to Twitter. The image makes your content more visible in the Twitter feed. Syndicate your content to legitimate sites like Uganda WhatsApp Number List your content to a much larger audience, making you visible to their readers and providing inbound links and social shares. Most times, content posted on Business2Community gets more visibility and shares than content posted on my blog, but those shares lead people to my website to find out more.


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