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What you’re going to do is run ads to Costa Rica Phone Number people on mobile devices. Then retarget them with desktop ads to your product or sales page. Mobile is cheaper traffic, and it’s generally where people discover new things. But more people “convert” on desktop because it’s easier Costa Rica Phone Number to buy on desktop. Step 1: Advertise your video as an awareness ad campaign on mobile Costa Rica Phone Number devices. As an example, the video below could be the video EHPlabs uses for their awareness ad campaign. But instead of only showing the video trailer, the whole video would be available to watch natively on Instagram.

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Screenshot showing an instagram post Costa Rica Phone Number Showing the whole video creates a better user experience for people. Who see your video ad on Instagram. And if you create it as a video view ad, you can track the percentage of the video people watch, then retarget the most Costa Rica Phone Number engaged viewers to buy your product. Be aware that on Instagram you can only retarget Costa Rica Phone Number based on video views. Lead forms, and people who interact with your Instagram profile (so don’t try this with a static single image ad. The strategy won’t work). Plus taking time to watch a video is a higher level of engagement than liking or commenting on a post,

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so the strategy works better with video. For Costa Rica Phone Number your ad targeting I have two recommendations: Target a 1% lookalike audience of your “highest spenders” Target your influencers fans Step 2: Retarget people to your product who watch >50% of your video on desktop and Costa Rica Phone Number tablet. Remember how I showed you how EHPlabs got Katya to regularly make posts on her Costa Rica Phone Number Instagram with a unique discount code (KATYA10) for 10% off? Well, what if after you shot the video, you got your influencer to do a photoshoot so you have a library of influencer images you can use to retarget your influencers video view traffic?

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