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The qrg is a document intended to serve. As a handbook or guide to help google’s quality rating team evaluate websites. These raters are used to help. Google engineers, who design their algorithms, determine if the algorithms are doing what they want them to do.Google’s vice president of research, ben gomes, told us that if google’s algorithms don’t fully. Reflect what’s in the qrg, if anything is within those guidelines, engineers want to be able to measure it in a meaningful way. Algorithmic. He said, “They don’t tell you how the algorithm ranks the results, but they basically show what the algorithm should be doing.”With that knowledge in mind, we’ve been reviewing sites against the quality reviewer guidelines for a few years now.

In the Following Examples

We’ll show you what changes have been implemented based on the qrg so that you can hopefully make improvements to your site as well.Case 1: nutrition site this site was one of many nutrition sites that saw big drops in. Conjunction with the august 1 update. After Ivory Coast Phone Number reviewing the site, we made the following recommendations: include. More eat-related information on the home page and about pagethe qrg tells reviewers that it is. Important to be able to easily determine what the “beneficial purpose” of a page is.It’s not like this website has absolutely no beneficial purpose.

But Ehen users went to the site

Ivory-Coast Phone Number Listr
Ivory-Coast Phone Number Listr

It was. Not clear why the site existed.The site owner added content above the fold that helped users understand. Not only what they would learn while browsing this site, but also why this particular site should be more trusted. Than all others. They boasted of their experience. They were also incredibly clear about how the site monetizes to help users trust them more.Although this site once had authoritative authors, they also worked. To demonstrate that authority strongly on the site. They did this by writing excellent author biographies that. Touted the authors’ education and other qualifications.

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