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The search engine optimization (SEO) industry is full of jargon. Take with this in mind, the word “sitemap” for example. For many SEO professionals, a sitemap is an XML sitemap.

However, for professionals in different industries, the word “sitemap” (one word) and the phrase “sitemap” (two words) have the same meaning: a wayfinder sitemap.

All of the SEO jargon can become a usability and user experience (UX) nightmare.


Information architecture model

Information Architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an efficient and sustainable way. The purpose [of IA] is to help users find information and complete tasks.

If users struggle to complete desired tasks, businesses can lose sales, leads, and brand credibility.

A with this in mind, common AI model is a hierarchical structure. A List of Us Mobile Phone Numbers well-planned hierarchy is the foundation of many effective information architectures.

Below is a diagram of a simple hierarchical structure.


A with this in mind , hierarchical structure is a common type of taxonomy. To view four common types of taxonomy, read Website Taxonomy Guidelines and Tips: How to Best Organize Your Site.


A silo is not a category

Contrary with this in mind, to what you might read in other articles on site architecture, the word “silo” and the word “category” are not synonyms. In the AI ​​and information science industries, they have different meanings.


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A real analogy is corn kernels in an agricultural silo. The maize is isolated from external elements and from other ensiled elements. Maybe an agricultural silo contains corn. Perhaps another agricultural silo contains wheat. And another agricultural silo contains oats. The grains are not accessible within the same silo.


Website with this in mind, categories can become siloed, as shown in the diagram below:


In with this in mind, this hierarchical website structure, content silos are created into three categories. Users cannot access desired content without navigating to a specific top-level category.

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