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Amazon Alexa is similar to Google Assistant. The main difference, of course, is that it’s produced by Amazon instead of Google. Unsurprisingly, one of the best features of Amazon Alexa is that you can use it to shop on Amazon and place orders. However, it is also a digital assistant that will answer your questions. Alexa gets its information from the Bing search engine. It is therefore essential to use Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing properties to optimize your content. Amazon also lets developers build their own voice apps with Alexa Skills.


Here’s how Amazon explains Alexa Skills: “When a user speaks to a device with Alexa, the speech is streamed to the Alexa cloud service. Alexa recognizes speech, determines what the user wants, then sends a structured request to the particular skill that can fulfill the user’s request. All voice recognition and conversion is handled by Alexa in the cloud. »

If Amazon Alexa is like Google Assistant

Amazon Echo is like Google Home. It’s the smart speaker people use to access Amazon Alexa. You might think that Amazon copied Google’s idea. If so, you are wrong. Amazon launched the smart speaker List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu concept in 2014. Google continues to catch up. Amazon also offers home assistants with screens with their Echo Dot and Echo Show.



If you own an iPhone, you already know that Apple Siri is built into it. All you have to do is hold down the home button and give Siri a command. Unlike some of its peers, Siri doesn’t respond to voice queries with audible responses. Instead, it returns mobile search results.

As of now, Siri is only available on iOS platforms. Apple also lets you create Siri Shortcuts which are voice-activated apps similar to Amazon Skills and Google Actions. You can use Siri Shortcuts to manage everyday tasks, such as ordering coffee. Siri also remembers your app routines and shows helpful suggestions on the lock screen or in search.


Apple offers SiriKit a tool

List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu

that lets your iOS and watchOS apps work with Siri. Use it to give users voice access to your apps

Apple’s answer to Google Home and Amazon Alexa is the Apple HomePod. It was only released in June 2017. In other words, it is behind in its development. Still, the HomePod has features you’d expect. He can answer questions and help around the house. However, Apple has yet to produce a smart display for its home assistant.


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