How to Keep Your Chile Phone Number Sales Team Motivated

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Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from Chile Phone Number Ellen De Beul, a digital marketer at PieSync with a passion for storytelling. PieSync provides a two-way contact sync between the most popular business tools, keeping teams informed and productive. Your team is the fuel, engine, and driver behind your company’s success. Needless to say, the Chile Phone number are your most important asset. And let’s face it, working in sales is not easy. You need to be a good listener, empathetic, competitive, and resilient. So once Chile Phone Number you’ve found the right people, how do you keep them motivated? How do you make sure they want to create a thriving future for your company? Sales Persuasion Guide It all starts with creating a good company culture. All work and no play can deflate even the most talented sales professionals.

Show Chile Phone Number appreciation

Your team wants to feel valued. It’s a universal Chile Phone Number desire. Being valued and appreciated reinforces a positive sense of self-worth. Appreciation breeds happiness and satisfaction among employees. There are a couple of ways to show your appreciation without raising everyone’s paycheck (although, keep in mind, being underpaid never motivated anyone). The easiest way? Just say “thank you” more often. These two words can make someone’s day. It shows that you noticed the effort someone put in. Also, try to celebrate team successes together. Did you land a big contract? Reach a target ahead of schedule? An after-work Chile Phone Number happy hour to celebrate will strengthen the spirit and give you the chance to praise the team’s efforts. gorgias As a personal anecdote, PieSync used to have a bell that we’d ring when a rep closed a big deal. Was it cliché? Yes. Did it make everyone excited about new business? Definitely.

Work with incentives Chile Phone Number

In addition to outward celebrations, incentives are the Chile Phone Number great way to give people that extra push they need to close the deal. While bonus compensation is a common practice in sales, incentives don’t always need to be monetary. You could let your team earn “points” by gathering more knowledge of your products or partners. It will help them become experts in their field, which again translates to better sales. With these points, they can purchase items from a “company store.” Maybe a pair of noise-canceling headphones? A bicycle kit with some fun gadgets? A team lunch? Maybe a team offsite is in order for when everyone reaches their target. Need to get some boring stuff done? Like cleaning out your contact’s lists? Consider setting daily or weekly targets for those tasks.  Best database provider | classy database

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