Send Discounts To New Subscribers

To do this, create a brainstorm and choose the best one, you can even carry out A/B tests with two different subjects to a small part of your audience and then verify which one obtained better results and implement it with all the contacts on your list. Some ideas for creating compelling subject lines are personalization, providing a bit of the information that  found in the content or arousing curiosity, for example. The preheader is that text that is after the subject in the inbox and serves as a complement to it. Therefore, it also plays a very important role in the opening decision.

Take advantage of this space to provide complementary information in this way you will reinforce that first impact. And please don’t leave it blank, many companies still do it, this would be a waste of opportunity. Send Lebanon Phone Number to new subscribers or premium customers email-marketing-ecommerce photo: A very good strategy for your new subscribers to make their first conversion is to send them a discount coupon for the first purchase in the welcome message.

It Is Also Important To Work

In this way, you not only increase the possibility of increasing your conversions, but it is also a first step in the user loyalty process. It is also important to work on the loyalty of users who are or have been customers, encourage them to return to our e-commerce and generate a sale. Create campaigns with discounts for premium customers, this in addition to increasing conversions makes people feel important to the brand. Automate Marketing automation is essential to communicate with our users at the right time depending on where they are in our sales funnel.

Lebanon Phone Number List

In simpler words, it allows you to automate messages that sent when a person signs up for our newsletter. When it is a special date such as a birthday. To update some data and to recover carts in our ecommerce. In total there are 4 automatic scenarios that when the user starts any of these processes. Thus helping to increase our visibility, loyalty, optimization of campaigns and conversions. Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful digital tools in e-commerce.

Marketing Automation Is Essential

Even during this time of COVID-19, many companies made it one of their main channels of communication with their customers. Not only to send promotional content but also to report on the measures. And solutions taken by the company during this crisis. As is generally known, companies close their physical stores. And reinforce their sales strategies through e-commerce. Of course, email marketing has managed to be its great ally , and although the relevance. Of email marketing has been around for many years, it is currently more relevant than ever.

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