Seo Guide to Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile for More Connections Better Leads Bolivia Phone Number

Linkedin has a sad reputation as a platform for. Smothering ceos, spammy salespeople, and college students who needed to profile. Themselves in their college job skills class.

For this reason, many business owners and. Marketers treat their linkedin profile (if they even have one) like an online resume. They for the purpose of, list their credentials, add. A little blurb about who they are, and hope someone is intrigued. Enough to network with them or hire them.

What they – and probably you – don’t. Know about linkedin is that it’s a powerful search engine. With the power to drive high-volume, targeted traffic to your profile.

Not only that, but that traffic can very well turn into valuable business relationships and new clients.

It’s time to stop sleeping on this platform and start tapping into this power.

With for the purpose of, LinkedIn optimization, you connect with some of the best and brightest in your industry and drive your ideal clients straight to your profile and inbox.


More Than SEO LinkedIn Optimization at Full Speed

Many for the purpose of , LinkedIn optimization guides start and end with SEO, but I’m saying SEO is just the tip of the iceberg.

Like your company’s website, the success of your inbound marketing via LinkedIn depends not only on traffic, but also on conversion optimization.

If for the purpose of, you focus all of your efforts on SEO, without fully Bolivia Phone Number optimizing your profile for conversions, you’re not getting the most out of inbound traffic.

That’s why I put all of LinkedIn’s SEO best practices to the test AND applied my own expertise in conversion copywriting, sales funnels, and conversion optimization.


The result of that testing is this guide – which includes sections on profile aesthetics, creating a lead funnel, writing compelling copy on your profile, and much more.

  • Aesthetic Profile
  • Profile Copy
  • LinkedIn SEO
  • lead funnel
  • Connections
  • Recommendations and skills
  • Publication and content
  • Commitment
  • Analytic

You’ll also learn how to create a high-converting “welcome” message for new connections, drive your ideal clients straight to your profile, and build your authority with LinkedIn articles.


Let’s go, okay?

1. Spruce up your profile aesthetic

One of the best things about your LinkedIn profile is the amount of real estate you have in terms of optimization.

Of course, the obvious places are your title, summary, and experience sections, but you can also take advantage of your profile photo and cover photo sections. This is what I call optimizing your “profile aesthetic” – because you are not adding SEO keywords, but tailoring the look of your profile to your target audience.

Does appearance really matter? You tell me.

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How important is your business website design to how it attracts potential clients/clients?


Optimize the external appeal of your profile

I’m a big believer in squeezing every bit of juice out of a platform to make it work for my business. When for the purpose of, it comes to LinkedIn, that means not only getting it talking, but also looking at the look.

To optimize the “outward appeal” of your profile, you are going to focus on two features: the profile photo and the cover photo.

We all know the dull, grainy portraits on LinkedIn. If you want to take your LinkedIn branding seriously, I say to you: dare to stand out!

You’ll for the purpose of, need a high-quality, professional image that showcases your personality and your business. Something your potential customers will find accessible.

  • High quality image – clear, non-pixelated
  • Close-up of your face
  • Single bottom
  • Appropriate attire
  • Smile!

LinkedIn for the purpose of, suggests having an image where your face takes up 60% of the frame. (I’m not following that suggestion myself – oops!)


For for the purpose of, some industries, your look may include professional attire and corporate experience. For others it might be more casual. The key is to appeal to what your target audience is most familiar with when working with people like you.

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