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place in October and November , a cycle organized by the Barcelona Libraries and with the collaboration of the UOC’s Artnodes magazine and the coordination of Pau Alsina , professor of UOC Arts and Humanities Studies . If you missed the “SCIENCE, ART AND TECHNOLOGY” Cycle, you can check out the videos from each session here. Here you will find a thematic proposal that explores the intersections between the arts and sciences, exploring the great contemporary challenges that are part of today. Pau Alsina, Laura Benítez, Ricardo Iglesias, Andy Gracie, Santi Vilanova and Ingrid Guardiola take part in the cycle .

“The intersections between art, science and technology” by Pau Alsina, Professor of Arts and Humanities at the UOC and Director of the UOC Artnodes – “Biofiction: arts and life sciences” by Laura Benítez, PhD – “Experimenting with artistic robots” by Ricardo Iglesias, philosopher Switzerland Phone Number List specialist in robotics as an artistic experiment – “Space science through the arts” by Andy Gracie, artist, whose work moves between art and science – “Playing with light, sound and math” by Santi Vilanova of PLAYMODES, an audiovisual research and digital creativity studio – Ingrid Guardiola closes the cycle “Science, Art and Technology in Libraries” with the talk “Revealing the power of data, algorithms and interfaces”

The Intersections Between Art

but of having accompanied many students in the research process, I think the next difficulty is to find a question. We usually tend, we all tend, and you too, to be very ambitious because we all want to know a lot and to ask ourselves very big questions. The questions become big on their own, in other words, many times my job as a companion in the research process for undergraduate, master’s or doctoral students is to lower the question to a field where you can ask yourself: “I can do this. ?

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‘go to libraries to make tabs, but also the tools you’re going to work with. I mean, the question has to be affordable and most. Of all you have to ask yourself if you can answer it. From here, I am an anthropologist, so I basically work from ethnography. I mean, I like to put my feet in the mud. He works side by side with the people he works with. It’s not a perogrullada, those of you who know about ethnography know what that means.

Professor Of Arts And Humanities

And basically work with interviews, observation, of course content analysis, digital ethnography. Of course, right now we cannot work in ethnography without taking into account everything that is happening. In the networks and more with a topic like the one I am working on right now. Such as the relationship between body, gender and politics in the Catalan extreme left. digital ethnography. Of course, right now we cannot work in ethnography without taking. Into account everything that is happening in the networks and more with a topic like the one

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