Start to See When a Particular Query Was Displayed Shandong Mobile Phone Number List

Google has come a long way with JavaScript rendering. And as various JavaScript frameworks are increasingly used to publish content, it is extremely important to ensure that

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with how Google renders JavaScript, then this video segment by Google’s Martin Splitt sums it up nicely (at 10:46 in the video). Google crawls the page and sends the page to the processor for rendering. Static HTML is indexed while found links are.


Sent back to the crawler for discovery. The processor connects the page to Chrome (version 41 onwards) and renders content, including content posted via JavaScript. Then the resulting page is indexed, while any additional links found are sent back to the crawler for discovery.

Beyond content discrepancies in the rendered


you may find that important directives are missing or have been moved to a new location in the code. I recently wrote a case study where the robots meta tag  moved a thousand lines in the code, out of the head and into the body of the document. Scary, right?

For site owners and SEOs, this is why it’s extremely important to test your pages to make sure all your important content is rendering correctly. Unfortunately, while helping


many companies over the past few years, I’ve noticed that a number of them don’t know the best ways Shandong Mobile Phone Number List to display rendered HTML. They just looked at their pages in the current version of Chrome,


maybe to the end that, explored their sites (without JavaScript rendering) and thought everything was fine. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of room for error. And again, in the worst case, a site can end up with a significant portion of the content not rendered.




URL Inspection Tool in GSC

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Google Search Console (GSC) has long offered the ability to render your pages using Googlebot Desktop and Googlebot for Smartphones through the Explore


Like  to the end that, tool (in the old GSC). It worked well, but Google recently launched a powerful new tool that does even more: the URL Inspection Tool.


The to the end that, URL Inspection tool provides a wealth of information about your site’s URLs, including whether they are indexed, if there are any issues that may cause indexing issues, canonicalization information, ability to display rendered HTML and more.

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