Successfully Implementing An Online Store

Basis for Successfully Implementing an Online Store Karla Montes May 6, 2020 Inbound Marketing , Customer Service , Trends Comments offin Bases to Successfully Implement an Online Store 1,307 Views The opportunity to create an online store in the context of the crisis caused by Covid-19 is undoubtedly a trend that is advancing at the same rate as the contingency. Crises represent opportunities and for many companies,

Making the leap to the digital world was a pending issue that was postponed due to prioritizing other objectives. Thus, the contingency came to advance decisions that many companies had been evaluating Norway Phone Number months or, in other cases, it an unforeseen decision. What is a fact is that today, having an online store is a great option to the “new normality” . Index of contents Has anyone considered a pandemic in their business plan? Basis for Successfully Implementing an Online Store Optimize the user experience Speed.

Has Anyone Considered A Pandemic In Their Business Plan?

The currency of exchange In Stock: Quality and Quantity Don’t forget SEO Professional Customer Service in the Online Store Shipping costs and payment methods Conclution Has anyone considered a pandemic in their business plan? At the beginning of the year, no company in the world contemplated putting into practice values ​​such as rapid adaptation to change, thinking of extraordinary responses to extraordinary times, etc. However, an invisible factor, such as a virus, disrupted each business plan and brands have had to adapt and respond to the new habits of their consumers.

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Below we share one of the most recent graphs with the product categories that have increased their sales as a result of the contingency and those that, on the contrary, have contracted. They are data from the States that a reference for the Latin American market. Online store Specifically in Mexico , it is not the first time that companies have had to face a crisis. Just as the big brands have focused on supporting with resources and from different fronts. SMEs are also creatively challenging the coronavirus by rethinking business models.

Basis For Successfully Implementing An Online Store

The importance of this factor is not small: According to INEGI figure. In Mexico SMEs -micro, small and medium-sized companies. Represent 99.0% of the total number of companies in the country (in Germany, for example. They represent 99.3%) and their total contribution to. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is around 52% and they generate 72% of formal employment. ( . That is why, beyond the numbers against it. Tompanies in Mexico are thinking of repositioning their

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