The Actions That You Can Implement

The objective of your strategy (increase the average ticket of your sales, increase the conversion of prospects into online customers or retain your customers, for example). To achieve your marketing objective as well as gain online reputation, the important thing is that you respect the conditions that you establish for each promotion. It’s tempting to extend a successful promotion, but that can lead to loss of credibility and frustration. Some of the actions that you can implement in Hot Sale are:

Exclusive (and aggressive) discounts for the date. 2×1 and 3×2 promotions. Combos of 2 or more products with a special price (products that would be more expensive to buy separately). Free shipping. Quantity promotions. Benefits for future purchases Partner with another Bulgaria Phone Number to generate joint promotions. Present a limited edition product. A gift with purchase. Invite your customers to create content with your brand on Social Networks and offer them products at a special price Contact us!

Dissemination And Publicity

You are still in time to take advantage of this great online sales season. 3. Dissemination and Publicity Remember that creating a campaign and not publicizing it is like organizing a party but not telling anyone. It is important that in the previous days you communicate on all your channels the products and services that will have special promotions and discounts. In this way you generate expectations and make sure that the public visits you again on that date. You can create:

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Email marketing campaigns Diffusion campaigns on your Social Networks, mainly on Instagram Stories! Through influencers relevant to your industry. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and/or Google Ads 4. Provide an omnichannel marketing experience Provide your shoppers with a consistent and personalized marketing experience across multiple online channels. By this, we are not referring to publishing the same post individually

Checking The Infrastructure Of Your Online Store

On all the sites where the company has a presence, since you would not be focusing on the user experience. Creating an omnichannel strategy focuses on the experience of a given individual and what stage of the sales funnel they are at.  Therefore, The messages you receive in various marketing channels will be based on your past actions. 5. Checking the infrastructure of your online store Although it seems like something we know, you may have time without reviewing your site’s navigation from the user’s shoes. Therefore, Perfectly review their experience browsing your online store to multiply Hot Sale sales.

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