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The letters articulate the political protest through affection, the intimate gesture with the public act; the exceptionality of the moment and the situation with everyday life; the struggle for ideals with the reciprocity of correspondence; touch screens with paper, pen and finger hardness. We analyze the process in which letters, their photographs, mailboxes and mailboxes, Facebook posts and tweets, prison and the street are part of the same reality, so that social, material and virtual, individual and collective, are intertwined in the concrete political action of writing a letter.

In fact, I am now doing fieldwork in some pro-independence associations in Catalonia that understand that the Catalan state for which they are fighting is a state that can only be feminist. For example, we have the example of the CUP that you will all know because you have paid Spain Phone Number List to the fact that they are one of the formations that had the most deputies in its first moment. In other words, it is no longer that it is equal, it is that it gives a lot of importance to the figure of the deputies, they always speak in feminine gender

Writing For Prisoners As A Political

They are very active in anti-discrimination campaigns. And we’re not just talking here, as before we have not only talked about women and feminism, but we are also talking about gender diversity and sexual diversity. They are organizations that are very aware that social change is necessary and that an egalitarian society involves attending to or incorporating, I don’t know how to say it, a word that doesn’t sound bad, it’s hard to find the word… consider everyone on an equal footing human beings.

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And if it’s not a matter of action-reaction, against more masculinity plus feminism, from what other point of view could we look at it? How could we explain that these two ways of seeing the world are coexisting? B: Look, I like to think in terms of tectonic plate metaphor or tectonic plate movements. Or we could also say strata, or, if we take a tree. We could also take the circles that mark the evolution of that tree in the over the centuries. There are many things living together at the same time.

Brazilian And Catalan Cases

What happens is that, to be clear and to be brief, we often end up simplifying. But there are solidifications of certain ways of doing things that, as I say, have centuries. And centuries of social legitimacy that have always been there and that. Yes, sometimes there is a upswing and there is a reaction. But that does not mean that it will not exist before the resurgence or the reaction has just appeared. But there are specific moments when there is action-reaction but we are living in a context, as it should be,

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