The Importance Of Links For Seo

LinkJuice Link Juice: The Importance of Links for SEO Karla Montes November 10, 2020 Inbound Marketing , Trends Comments offon Link Juice: The Importance of Links for SEO 735 Views Backlinks are the times that your page has been linked from another website. It is very important for optimal SEO as the Google algorithm pays a lot of attention to it for ranking. Google considers your page worthy of being appreciated if many sources link to your website. Before the appearance of Google, search engine results were sorted alphabetically and only “onsite” factors were taken into account .

Later, Google realized that the most important websites had more links from other websites than the less important websites. Thus, PageRank was born , the Google algorithm by which priority to the Estonia Phone Number that are most. From other web pages . It is important to note that links are more for their quality than for their quantity, that is, the ranking system by Google to measure the “Authority” of a web page (Page Rank), is  on both quantity and the “quality” of the links that point to it,

Characteristics Of A Quality Link

But to a greater extent on the quality. There are two basic points when we talk about this topic: Backlinks have different “weights” , for example: a backlink from a new or little-known site is less important than a link from a university whose domain ends in .edu It is important that the backlinks do not have the rel= “nofollow” attribute because otherwise the backlink does not count in the eyes of the search engine. LinkJuice Index of contents Characteristics of a quality link

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Link Juice or best practices in generating links Conclution: Characteristics of a quality link A quality link is one that is related to the theme of the website to which it links. For example, from WOM GP we can generate links to pages related to digital marketing, inbound marketing and social media marketing and refrain from creating links to sites of industrial manufacturing, cooking, photography or topics that have nothing to do with our sector.

Link Juice Or Best Practices In Generating Links

A quality link is one that comes from websites or platforms of great reputation and relevance. And are already well in search engines with a high PageRank and many visitors. The more authority the page has; of better quality will be the links that it emits. A quality link uses text that matches the content of the page or website. This text is anchor text. That is, the phrase where you click to open a link is the anchor text . Link Juice or best practices in generating links

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