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What the bThe Pageest practice does right: It  conveys value by mentioning a value of the product that stands out (powder coat). It stays within the recommended length of Hungary Phone Number 600px (50-65 characters). It contains the main search keyword. It’s compelling to click without Hungary Phone Number sounding “clickbaity.” It’s unique. What the worst practice does wrong: It confuses you by adding the product category in the title (weights & dumbbells). Tracking down a number can be

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Mobile users will leave quicker than  desktop users. Best And Worst Practice Screenshot showing google search results What the best practice does right: It contains the  main keyword and secondary keyword at least once. The length is between 150 and 300 characters. It contains a call to action. It  describes the page/product, sets the expectations of the user and conveys value. It’s unique. What the worst practice does  wrong: It contains irrelevant information. For example, IKEA’s description reads “We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website…”. That’s because IKEA’s meta description in the source code only contains the words “all sofas,”

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which was probably automated. Google  understands this and tries to provide a better meta description (and fails). It’s truncated (i.e,. you can’t see the full meta Hungary Phone Number description). OG TAGS OG Tags are part of the Open Graph Protocol and help to display links to your site in a nice and Hungary Phone Number controlled way, just like on search engines. That means for example that the title, description, image, and URL of an article.  You can find a full list of Open Graph Tags on the official site, but here are the most common ones: They should be placed as meta tags in the <head> section of your source code. If you use WordPress,

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