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Large marketing campaigns, as well as large brands, use the marketing mix as they see fit. This mix takes advantage of the different elements of marketing (promotion, price, distribution, etc.) to achieve the best result for the company. We share the main elements of the marketing mix and its importance for your company. Index of contents What is the Marketing Mix?

The 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix Price Product Promotion square or place Evolution of the Marketing Mix Importance of Marketing Mix What is the Marketing Mix ? The Marketing Mix or marketing mix Georgia Phone Number of the set of activities aimed at promoting and marketing the brand or product in the market. All this to fulfill a clear objective: to attract and retain customers, thanks to the satisfaction of their needs.

What Is The Marketing Mix ?

The Marketing Mix is ​​based on the 4P’s of marketing: product, price, place or place and promotion. The Marketing Mix strategy will be aimed at adapting these four variables to the market. These four variables serve to organize and detail the actions related to the provision of goods and services for the target audience. The 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix To better understand the operation and use of each variable of the marketing mix, we analyze each one in detail.

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Price Price remains a determining factor in the purchase decision for most customers. The company must establish a price for the product, large enough to generate income to cover expenses and also generate a profit. Therefore, Here we must take into account the maximum price that the client will be willing to pay. Product The product will be the most important variable, since it is the good or service that satisfies a need. An excellent product will result in a positive user experience.

Evolution Of The Marketing Mix

The product must be innovative and simple enough to outperform the competition, and understood by any user. Therefore, Promotion It refers to all the efforts made by the company to make the product more successful and notoriety. Therefore, This variable focuses on the efforts to disseminate the product or service, mainly through advertising. In this part, metrics such as ROI or ROAS play a very important role

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