The World Interviewed Kentriki

We are happy because El Mundo Economía y Negocios interviewed the people of Kentriki , the report circulated yesterday, January 12, in its printed format. For those who like it, you can download it digitally in .PDF (3MB) , and you can also see the image on the Kentriki Fan Page which we are co-managing. The Kentriki team of entrepreneurs Kentriki a new experience in eCommerce The interview was conducted by the journalist Vanessa Moreno Losada, who runs the

Entrepreneurs section of the well-known Caracas newspaper. Throughout the conversation with Alfonso, José Tomás and Jhovanny – Founders of the company – Vanessa was able to walk through the Kentriki Experience, from the meaning of the name, the impact of this UK Phone Number List on the electronic commerce market, what differentiates us and where we want to continue pointing our success. From Mauna Media we continue to help this platform generate the change it wants , which has to do with creating a new e-commerce experience in Latin America.

Kentriki A New Experience In Ecommerce

Do n’t miss this interview and remember to register! to go to see in this electronic commerce portal , what your friends sell, buy and share. Likewise, the opportunity served for the team (also directed by Beltrán Carías) to publish a note promoting the activities of Mauna Media, always supporting digital ventures and new ideas that are currently filling the network. Listen to the interview recorded in the studios of Onda La -of the Unión Radio Circuit in Caracas- and find out more details of the training program that will bring together

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in 2011 more enthusiasts of social networks and followers of 2.0 organizations in Venezuela and part region of. Therefore, The first e-commerce social network in Latin America. A very ambitious project that allows its users to buy, sell and, in addition. Interact and share with the other members of the network with total freedom so that they can comment on products. Chat and, of course, use their respective accounts on social networks to maximize the trading possibilities. Therefore, This 100% Venezuelan initiative, which is making its way throughout the region thanks to social networks

From Mauna Media We Continue

Combines the best of traditional electronic commerce with the power of Social Media, offering sellers, buyers, manufacturers. And advertisers a new commerce experience with greater confidence and security, based on. The opinions and recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Therefore, In Kentriki Tu Mall on the Internet, users can communicate openly. And take advantage of tools to make recommendations. Express opinions about products and other users, and verify the reliability of a seller or buyer. Therefore, KentrikiIn fact, in Kentriki the dynamics of buying and selling in. The relationships established between users, just as it happens in reality.

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