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Worst Practice Screenshot showing a product page What the worst practice does wrong: Buy button doesn’t clearly stick out from the rest of the design. Best Practice Lithuania Phone Number Screenshot showing an ecommerce product page Screenshot showing a product page What the best Lithuania Phone Number practice does right: Buy button is very easy to identify. RELATED/SIMILAR PRODUCTS Related product sections on a page help customers in several phases throughout their buying journey. When a customer already Lithuania Phone Number knows what brand they want, they can see complementary products for that brand. When they know only what kind of product but not the brand,

Buy button is Lithuania Phone Number

it can help them be aware of the range of Lithuania Phone Number features for that category of product. Worst Practice Screenshot showing walmart ecommerce product page What the worst practice does wrong. Putting related products before the actual product. That just distracts  customers from their original intent. Best Practice Screenshot showing recommended products What the best practice does right: Shows related products that are as relevant as possible. Offers a product bundle recommendation to increase average order value. Provides several different types of related products (“our experts recommend. Customers also viewed,

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Most frequently bought together,” etc.). Shows  this section below the main product description. In fashion, “complete the look” is a great way to sell complementary  products. This also raises the value of the currently looked at product, because it puts it into greater context of an outfit. Shoppers  might be encouraged to buy more products through that feature. Screenshot showing a product page on adidas WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED. Optimizing product pages for more organic traffic and conversion comes down to metadata, content, social proof, and customer service.

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