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How can you organize communication work without going under? A challenge for many communication professionals in a corporate communication department, China Phone Number but certainly for the sensitive, artistic and creative types who work there. They are more likely China Phone Number to be overwhelmed by the daily avalanche of requests, updates and messages. How do you stay upright in so much snow? Are there flags in your slalom that you can avoid? Time for an extensive article about how you can draw a trail of creativity with logic and intuition and still proudly cross the finish line. What I only found out after years.

Daily avalanche of requests

My best tip for organizing communication China Phone Number work is to never read a book about it. I thought I was the Peter Buwalda of the Utrecht Communication Circle. I locked myself up and read like mad. Intense. Bestsellers such as ‘Getting Things Done (GTD)’, ‘Less Perfect China Phone Number & More Effect’ and ‘The Artist’s Way’. Books that I nervously turned inside out. But I don’t do anything with it anymore. As a creative connector and concept thinker I am focused on change. Everything that is recurring and predictable, I will sooner or later put a stop to it.

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More Effect’ and ‘The Artist’s

With Contexts, Reminders and Due-dates. All to China Phone Number set. So cool. Very funny. Only to return to Excel years laterā€¦ My best tip for organizing communication work is to never read a book about it. The book I could use was Covey: ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. That China Phone Number says it’s about successful habits. Like being proactive and not waiting. Successfully planning and organizing communication can work if I get good habits. But can I do that? Like someone who just messes around without deadlines? Better handling tasks and time was a long quest for me. While new habits were actually up for grabs,

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