These 20+ Statistics Say Customer UAE Phone Number Support Drives Revenue

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Corporate finance teams tend to view customer support UAE Phone Number as a cost saver at best and a cost center at worst. But if they look beyond those bottom-line concerns, they’ll also see a strong link to top-line growth. These customer support statistics tell that revenue-related story. Poor Customer Support Stalls Growth Nothing scares away future UAE Phone number revenue quite like a reputation for subpar customer service. 66% of B2B customers and 52% of B2C customers have stopped buying from a company following a bad service interaction. (Zendesk) 4 in 10 customers will avoid vendors for two or more years following a bad service interaction. (Zendesk)

Superior Service Is A Marketing UAE Phone Number Magnet

Excellent customer support can be a UAE Phone Number powerful marketing asset — attracting interest. However, inspiring loyalty, and creating advocates in an incredible. Cost-effective manner. 58% of customers will go out of their way to. Buy a product or service from a company they know will offer excellent customer service. (Northridge Group) 83% of customers trust the product or service recommendations of friends and family. However, making word-of-mouth the most persuasive advertising channel. (Nielsen) 77% of shoppers reporting an excellent customer experience are likely to recommend the brand. (Temkin Group) Customer Support Survey Online Reviewers Are The New Experts As trust in media, corporations, and government institutions continues to erode UAE Phone Number, more customers are seeking counsel directly from their fellow shoppers.

Happy Customers Are Big Spenders

Customers who are assured an exceptional experience UAE Phone Number are more likely to pay premium prices. However, build long-term brand relationships. Explore multiple product offerings. 45% of shoppers are willing to pay more for the promise of better customer service. (Accenture) 86% of shoppers reported. An excellent customer experience are likely to repurchase from their provider. (Temkin Group) 62% of B2B customers and 42% of B2C customers purchased more from a brand following a good service experience. (Zendesk) Among transaction-based businesses, customers reporting the best experiences spend 2.4x more annually than UAE Phone Number customers reporting the worst experiences. (Medallia) Among subscription-based businesses, customers reporting the best experiences remain members nearly five years longer than customers reporting the worst experiences. (Medallia) 10% to 30% of eCommerce revenues come from upselling and cross-sell recommendations.  Best database provider | classy database

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