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At this point, we will stay in the awareness stage of the video sales funnel. Our hypothetical scenario here is that people are searching for a “PowerPoint alternative” on YouTube.  Having done adequate research on this topic, you’ll find out. That the best alternative to PowerPoint is an online presentation tool.  Let’s take a look at the example of how another company help. Its audience by presenting a clear solution to that problem. Visme is an Israel WhatsApp Number List. They prepared a YouTube video on how their software can benefit customers when it comes to online presentations. Why is Visme’s software the best solution to the searchers’ problem?

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Their video has the answer to this question and that’s enough for this stage of the customer journey. As you can see in the screenshot above, Visme ranks in the search for “best presentation tool” because they provide viewers with an Israel WhatsApp Number List on their chosen topic. This video gives viewers an overall view of the company’s product and is presented in an appealing, yet not forced way.

Israel WhatsApp Number List

In this step, helping viewers understand WHY your product or service is the best solution to their problem is crucial. This is the time to introduce your product to a wider audience and get them excit Israel WhatsApp Number List about what they can achieve with your product or service. In addition, product videos can help potential customers familiarize themselves with the company and intrigue them, engaging them to ask for more information.

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