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Offer scenarios to interact with customers, and for this, social media is one of the best weapons. Social Media allows obtaining their impressions, identifying new needs and anticipating possible problems that could arise in the service. 4) Digital Strategy Have a plan that allows brand recognition , and makes the products reach the ideal customer. Without a clear strategy that helps achieve a good position, it will be very difficult to meet the expected objectives. 5) Design Keeping in mind at all times a mental image of how we would like our virtual store to look will make things flow better.

The entire e-commerce site must pay attention to design, not only aesthetically but also functionally. The customer experience must be perfect. When you are designing your e-commerce site , you have to think about everything: images, background colors, animations, and web content Qatar Phone Number on the product (service) and the target audience . Have a unique style, but keeping in mind the tastes of the public: how navigation would be more comfortable and the motivation to stay on the page. An attractive portal with excellent content and images will be the key.

Have A Plan That Allows Brand Recognition

Once the e-commerce has the complete design, the next thing is to optimize everything possible . Have control over every button and element of the site: that the buttons work correctly, that the images are displayed quickly and that the purchase process is simple and intuitive. 6) Purchase process The entire process must be transparent , it is essential that both the prices and the surcharge percentages are very clear . The user must know how the payment process is, the rates and the shipping and return conditions.

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Also take care that the process is not too long and that it is functional. 7) Security security Digital Report Information is essential and therefore must be taken care of. All e-commerce must guarantee the customer the security of their data. If the e-commerce have security protocols in place. There is a risk that personal data. To ensure safety, it is important to consider the following points: Privacy policies Site security when making transactions Handling data transparently, but confidential to others.

The Entire Process Must Be Transparent

Explanation of the purchase process and how it will reach the customer. Reliable payment methods (PayPal) Now take advantage of these ideas and don’t forget to constantly optimize your e-commerce so that you get the expected results and customers trust your brand more and more so that in the future it becomes a lovemark . Are you looking for help to exploit your e-commerce ? Schedule a free consultation and let’s find out how to boost the growth of your company. At WOM we are a team to you and we go hand in hand. The marketing agency of any successful company.

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