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Because if men feel by gender, then that is a problem that they do not have. It is a problem of someone else and the thing is not so and therefore, on the one hand these studies aspire to this, to make men aware that they are subject to gender and, secondly, as critical studies are called, to try to fight hand in hand with any human being for gender justice. You ask if there are any changes in masculinities and how we can assess or think about the return to more traditional masculinities.

Well, I’ve always thought that these more traditional masculinities that are now politically or that given a political voice are masculinities that have always been there, have not. That is, masculinity has Philippines Phone Number List disappeared and now it reappears but masculinity has always existed. The idea that men are the measure of all things, the measure of all that is human for many people has not. It is true that what is now gender discourse put on the of the political game.

Anthropologists Are A Bit Of A Stonemason

It was always there, but not with the visibility it is with now, and so we now see very clear positions around gender that have very clear equivalences on the political spectrum. In other words, we find many formations, organizations, associations and political parties that clearly fight for gender justice (I like the word gender justice much more than the word equality) and that always position themselves or associate them with progressivism. , what some call the progressive dictatorship, and opposing or clearly denialist positions of sexist violence that we position to the right.

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What is new, then, is not the return of tradition or the emergence of tradition, but what is new is that, explicitly and very clearly, gender has become an element of struggle on the table or on the board of politics, which obviously gender has always been political. And feminism knows this very well from the moment it said that the personal was political . It’s not that gender wasn’t political, it’s that it now plays on the public policy board. M : But it is sudden that these figures appear now that there is more talk of gender justice. As you say, or all these issues put on the table.

This Is The Way We Do It

So what are the characteristics of these figures that have made them not so much in the forefront. For a few years and have now returned? B : Well, that’s not a very easy question. In fact, I think it is a very difficult question and it is one of. The questions that I aspire to answer with my research. And research is a work in progress. So I don’t have the answer but I think this emergence of a rough. Aggressive, traditional masculinity comes at the confluence with the return of a rough, aggressive nationalism, that is…

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