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From all the organic promotion EHPlabs Austria Phone Number did I estimate they got around 3,000 people to visit their episodes on YouTube. And fewer than 10 of those people clicked through to their website and social profiles from the YouTube episodes. So if posting on your own social media Austria Phone Number accounts isn’t going to move the needle, what is? STEP 4: INFLUENCER CONTENT Austria Phone Number PROMOTION From the organic promotion data we saw that Instagram (although at a low 2% clickthrough rate from post view to click) is one of the best traffic drivers for EHPlabs to their Instagram page.

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But with 500,000 Instagram followers,  EHPlabs was getting around 10,000 views on their video posts. That means only about 2% of people who follow their Instagram  account viewed the actual Instagram video. The solution? Get someone with more Instagram followers than you to post for you. EHPlabs  got their influencers to do shoutouts for them. Katya Elise Henry has over four million Instagram  followers. With around 2% of people who follow an Instagram account viewing an actual video, that means a 4,000,000 follower Instagram account should get around 80,000 views.

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That’s close to exactly what EHPlabs got  with Katya. They got 89,000 views by having Katya post a shoutout. Screenshot showing an instagram post When Katya’s  video went live, she made this post and added the link to her EHPlabs Be Empowered video in her Instagram bio. Screenshot  showing an instagram post Because this was an image post and Katya’s bio link has since been updated, it’s not possible to tell how many views and clicks it got.

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