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But how do they correlate to real-world results? In short. Social media helps businesses grow. Impressive. Right? And Twitter is no exception. Want proof of why you should include Twitter in your business growth strategy? You’re going to love these Twitter marketing statistics: 21. 22% of Twitter users follow a brand. The first step to generating results from your organic tweets is to gain followers. Fortunately. This statistic shows that many users are willing to engage with companies on Twitter.

Twitter Users Who Follow a

Brand see themselves shopping with that brand in the future. Your followers are more than nice numbers on a page. Surveys show that companies’ Twitter reach translates into real-world purchase intent Ghana Phone Numbers of Twitter users have purchased items after seeing them on the platform. Not only do Twitter users plan to purchase items — many people follow through on their intentions.

Ghana Phone Numbers

Feature Your Products

In relevant tweets to have them seen by people likely to buy in the future. James Avery product tweet 24. 53% of Twitter users tend to be early product adopters. Are you launching a new product and looking for the best platform to promote it? Twitter stands out as a lucrative opportunity for new launches. The ideal platform for new products fosters an air of discovery and curiosity. When users scroll with the mindset to find current information or cutting-edge insight.

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