Warm Transfer Is Now Available Iran Phone Number to All Aircall Users!

Iran Phone Number List
Iran Phone Number List

We all face increasingly exacting demands in terms of customer Iran Phone number support experience. So we think it’s important that every conversation your agents is smooth and seamless. Part of attaining that goal is making sure that your calls can reach Iran Phone Number the right person, at the right time. This is when our Warm Transfer feature comes in handy.

The warm transfer feature Iran Phone Number eliminates agent pain points

When they pick up the phone, support agents are Iran Phone Number often faced with tricky issues and unexpected callers. Perhaps the caller made a mistake when going through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), perhaps they’re simply asking the wrong person for help. When such a case arises, agents need an easy way to take down the caller’s information and pass it on, along with the caller themselves, to someone who can help. One way to go is to do a cold transfer; meaning transferring the caller to the appropriate support agent in a single click. However, this method doesn’t give that second support agent time to prepare for the call! The best way to proceed is to perform a warm transfer. This time, the first agent will have time to chat to their teammate before patching the caller through to them.

How does the warm transfer Iran Phone Number feature work?

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