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Always a pleasure to be able to help inform about our daily work, this time we did it by collaborating with the DOBLEVÍA section of El Universal by answering the question: What is a Community Manager? We reproduce below the full article we wrote for El Universal: What is a community manager? Lately I have repeatedly heard the term “Community Manager” to refer to certain professionals. I would like to know exactly what it is,

What are the functions of this work and if Venezuela is a good place to carry it out or if, on the contrary, there are obstacles. Hector Columbus. «If the «Market is conversations», as was stated at the UAE Phone Number List in the Cluetrain Manifesto, and those conversations (messages, chats, posts, tweets, etc.) are on the Internet, then the Community Manager (CM) is the figure called to monitor, identify and connect with those conversations and with the people behind them .

We Reproduce Below The Full Article

Also called “Community Manager” and -more recently- “Interaction Connector”, the CM as the figure in charge of managing and boosting the digital relationships of a brand, organization or idea. And although many appreciate the functions of the Community Manager as new marketing elements for social networks. It that their true function is to establish a relationship of trust with the supporters and followers of the brand.

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Thus, One of the phrases that is best related to the work of the Community Manager is : «Think global and act local». This is because the CM’s work in a platform that has no borders or limits to interact. In this way, the CM can develop their skills and competencies with the best practices from around. The world and apply them -as appropriate- in their local or immediate environment. The important thing will be for each. CM to know that in order to identify and connect with the emotions and ideas of each conversation,

One Of The Phrases That Is Best Related

They must be part of them and strategically adapt their practices to the idiosyncrasies. Culture and style of the audience they are targeting. . I do not believe that in Venezuela there are obstacles to the development of Community Management . On the contrary, I believe that the country presents many opportunities for. The work of the Community Manager and for the management of digital strategies in general. Without a doubt, the Venezuelan audience in online media wants to share, interact and give their opinion.

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