We Live In The Age Of Immediacy

Where no one has time for anything and we want everything quickly and without delay. It is logical to think, then, that all those stories that do not engage from the beginning, will die halfway in an attempt to fall in love in the middle of the story. 4. Knots and/or dualities If we want users to feel identified with the stories we tell as brands, it is essential that this story contains dualities or knots, that is, conflicts. Stories must have moments of uncertainty, the same ones that give meaning to people’s lives.

If we want our community to feel history as their own, we must create real content, content that can be part of what exists in our own lives. quality-content These knots or challenges in the story can even Bahrain Phone Number List a post on Social Networks or the copy or text that your users receive in a weekly Newsletter. Presenting a problem that involves a certain “knot” and then presenting your brand as the hero that solves said conflict, can create the effect we are looking for. 5. Easy to remember and simple to count

The More Elaborate A Story

The more complicated we make it to remember. It is not necessary to create stories with many elements, but yes, with enough strength and emotional impact to make them stand out. If the story leaves a mark, it can be passed on to many more people. People who will discover the brand or get to know it better and in more detail. Conclution storytellingWe are not asking you that every time you address your audience it is through a story.

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The point is that even from time to time, you have to use this magnificent tool that is storytelling in your communication. Failure to do so means losing a precious opportunity to… Stand out from your competition, arouse the interest of you. Win over your audience by making them identify with your brand and your values. Get your messages shared more and reach more people. Make those people act. Ready to create stories that carry more weight in the minds of your customers? Call us and we will help you design the best strategy.

The Public And Make Them Remember

In addition, the commitment of the brands must be in a “credible way”. (Forbes, September 2021) Where to start? Uniting your brand and the values ​​it represents with the interests of your clients is a way of being. Start by defining the story you will tell; it revolves around a specific solution to a problem aligned with your value proposition. Then it also establishes the style and format to communicate them. It’s never too late and the best day to start is today.

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