What Is An Online Radio?

Television, radio, and newspapers have allied themselves closely with the Internet. A very fruitful technological marriage . (1) Nowadays, even the small local newspapers have their version online and some television networks send their signal to cyberspace. But if a medium took advantage of this opportunity to project itself strongly, it was the radio. Not only traditional radios used this technology to broadcast online, but millions of passionate and passionate radio broadcasters from all continents found on the Internet the opportunity they had long awaited to make radio .

The conversations that we are generating (on Facebook and Twitter) to add more digital entrepreneurs to this important initiative and the activities that the Accede team, Entrepreneurship Space, is organizing as Host were the topics discussed. Don’t miss this Belgium Phone Number List recorded at Onda La Superestación and leave your comments!!! Mauna Media – Interview On “Recojan Los Vidrios” With George Harris And Eloísa Maturen Mixcloud Who is George Harris or The George Harris? George Harris , better known as “El George Harris”, was born in Caracas, Venezuela

If A Medium Took Advantage

He is a social communicator, actor, presenter, a great comedian, but above all an excellent influencer. His studies George Harris studied at the Central University of Venezuela (UCB), and in 2002 he obtained a degree in Social Communication. TV in Venezuela When I was a child I used to watch telenovelas and programs from channels like RCTV and Venevisión; Over time George Harris had the opportunity to participate in some programs of these same channels that enjoy great recognition in this country. George as an immigrant The influencer left his country due to the political situation.

Belgium Phone Number List

George Harris arrived in Madrid, Spain where he worked in the customer service position in the Madrid metro, after a while he managed to act on the Spanish channels Antena 3 and TVE.  Returned to Venezuela and was part of the international RCTV program La Pareja Despare; Later participated in some short films and movies, such as Venezzia , Miranda Regresa and Elipsis. He returns to Spain to premiere his own show, entitled Who wants to go? Production that became a success, later he presented it in Venezuela specifically at the local Teatro Bar.

Online Radio Has Not Been The Radio

Online radio has not been the radio revolution that many predicted , but it has been a great technological leap. And an opportunity that we can and must take advantage of. But before going into the details. Of how to build your own radio, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of this type of transmission. Inspire: Promote Entrepreneurial Behavior and entrepreneurship. Among as many people as possible, seeking to inspire them to consider entrepreneurship as a “Life Project”. Connect: Connect communities in different regions

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