What to Do With the Data: Become a Panama Phone Number Better Support Team Coach

Panama Phone Number List
Panama Phone Number List

If you’re managing a customer support team, then you’re as Panama Phone Number much a coach as you are a supervisor. You make sure your representatives are in the right positions, but most importantly, that everyone is motivated to do their best work. Good coaches make their players better, but great coaches go the extra mile and continue making Panama Phone number themselves better as well. Your gut instincts can point you in the right direction, but making use of the facts will help you measure your achievements. Detailed Panama Phone Number call analytics can tell you when your team is performing well, and when things need improvement, they can be a tool for education and inspiration, on a macro and micro level.

Understand Your Panama Phone Number Ups and Downs

Have calls-per-agent decreased since the latest Panama Phone Number UI update? Has your recent hire exhibited a normal learning curve over his or her first few months? Did adding seasonal employees keep workloads reasonable through the holiday shopping rush? “Zooming out” to a wider time frame will give you a better idea of overall trends and benchmarks. The answers will be apparent from a high level, and you’ll be able to plan your course-of-action appropriately. In times of heightened activity — maybe around the holidays or other seasonal surges — it might make sense to keep an eye on how your team is performing in a daily or weekly view. These Panama Phone Number are the moments where everything counts double. Each customer could be a potential product evangelist or a vocal detractor. Long calls mean something is awry.

Judge Training Effectiveness Panama Phone Number

Have your training sessions had an impact on Panama Phone Number on performance? Call duration is a good indicator of success in this regard. However, and long-term patterns should ideally stay constant or trend downward. A broad view of the data can reveal both successes and areas for improvement. When the graphs are moving in the right direction. However, it’s every coach’s job to know Panama Phone Number when to let his or her team simply play. Data obsessions and the ensuing nitpicky-management style can lead to resentment amongst the troops. When the opposite is the case though, try to pinpoint the true source of tension, train accordingly, and keep an eye on the graphs afterward. Give any targeted training a little time to sink-in — consider checking back after a few weeks.


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