Why you should use synonyms and related keywords?

Using the right keywords is essential in SEO. Because using the words your audience searches with will help your posts and pages rank. That’s why we always tell you to put some effort into finding the perfect keywords to optimize your articles for. So, after finding the perfect keyword, why shouldn’t you use it over and over again? Why would you use synonyms and related keywords? Well, it might seem contradictory, but using synonyms and related keywords the right way will definitely improve your rankings. In this post, I’ll explain why.

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But the most important thing is to vary with the exact South Korea Mobile Number words you use. Especially if you’re trying to rank for a long-tail keyphrase which consists of several words, such as ‘candy store New York’. Using that exact keyphrase in a lot of your sentences will make your text awful to read. Using synonyms and related keywords, on the other hand, allows you to make a text much more attractive while still being able to focus on your chosen keyphrase.


Variation is key


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The main reason to use synonyms and related keywords in your text is that they will make your text much easier to read. If you write a text about ‘candy’ and use the word ‘candy’ in every other sentence, your text will not flow naturally and become unreadable. Your readers will most likely stop reading and leave your page or post. You’ll lose your audience. That’s why you should aim for variation in your writing. For example, words like ‘sweets’ and ‘delicacy’ could serve as synonyms for ‘candy’. And related keywords could be ‘chocolate’ and ‘sugar,’ which aren’t synonyms for ‘candy’, but are related to it and can therefore still be relevant for your text. We’ll get into that later on in this post.

So for your text to be attractive and engaging, it should be varied. This can be done in different ways. For instance, you can try to alternate long sentences with shorter ones. Longer sentences are often more difficult to process and by also using shorter sentences, your text becomes easier to read. You can also try to alternate the sequence of words to avoid too much repetition in your sentences.


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