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Create a Facebook ad for a “Free Plus Shipping” product on your store. When someone buys it, try to upsell them to a more expensive product. For example, you  can Estonia Phone Number offer a free bracelet, then upsell them to a more expensive necklace. Since jewelry usually has great Estonia Phone Number profit margins, you still make money on both. It might not work (people who click on a “free Estonia Phone Number plus shipping” ad might be too cheap to buy the bracelet), but it just might. It doesn’t hurt to try it out! WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? Product upselling and cross-selling is one of the easiest ways to increase your average order value, improve customer lifetime value,

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And generally raise your bottom line. Plus, it’s SO easy to implement that it doesn’t make sense not to try it. You can literally get this set up and running in just a few Estonia Phone Number hours. If you’re ready to give it a shot, grab one of the upsell apps I recommended here and go try it Estonia Phone Number right now. Good luck! CRIK Nutrition is a small eCommerce company run by Canadian Estonia Phone Number entrepreneur and bug enthusiast Alex Drysdale. Alex was reading an article one day about the benefits of cricket protein: it’s nutrient-dense, ethical, and sustainable. He got so excited about the benefits of eating crickets that he started eating them for lunch.

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Alex was reading Estonia Phone Number

That’s when he started to think… how do Estonia Phone Number you ingest crickets in a way that’s not going to be gross? Alex looked up cricket protein powders, but no one was making them. That’s when CRIK Nutrition cricket protein powder was born. Alex thought “if we can put a man on Estonia Phone Number the moon, then I’m sure I can make a cricket taste like vanilla.” Alex built a Shopify store to Estonia Phone Number sell his cricket protein powder and started using Sumo for his store’s lead generation. With Sumo installed, he was ready to implement a lead generator that would: Be low-cost or free Make most visitors happy it popped up Prequalify

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