Will Take The Agricultural Sector

It is a part time program, developed jointly between INCAE and ZAMORANO ● Its main objective is to develop key executive skills for the sustainable development of agri-food companies and organizations in Latin America. The Master in Agribusiness is the new part-time program between INCAE and Zamorano, to develop skills. In professionals who work in the Agroindustrial and Food sectors,

who seek specialized training in business and management in an international environment, in order to adapt to the changes that the digital transformation has brought. “The Agro sector is of great Iran Phone Number List in the economies of Latin America. Agricultural GDP reaches in many countries of the region more than 10% of total GDP. We are strong in exporting foods such as corn, meat, coffee, pineapple, bananas… however, these chains are changing and digital transformation is affecting all areas

The Agro Sector Is Of Great Importance

Which is why professionals who capable of adapting to digital changes are required ”, said Bernard Kilian. Associate Dean and Faculty of INCAE Business School. The program is made up of five modules over 12 months. Which allows access to a first-level training level compatible with work activity. Thus allowing the knowledge and skills immediately put into practice. “We consider that agribusiness is more than. The simple exchange of agricultural products between producers and consumers.

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Agribusiness is essential for the development of Latin American countries, because it encourages agricultural production, creates employment and family well-being, and contributes to food security and the economies of the countries,” said Arie Sanders, Associate Dean of the Postgraduate Program. Agribusiness in Latin America is by low productivity, if internationally. With rural poverty and challenges such as climate change, high energy. And water consumption, deforestation rates, social conflicts and migration .

If We Want To Win These Markets More

“If we want to win these markets more, we first-class people, so that future challenges . In the coming years the number of people will increase, therefore, professionals must take advantage of technologies such as. Data Analytics, remote sensing, biotechnology, 3D printing… to have better results in crops and be more sustainable”. Kilian stressed. regardless of the result, will receive a feedback report free of charge and. In an absolutely confidential manner, in which their main strengths. Both in terms of operation, competitiveness, marketing and financial viability.

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