With Focus And Clarity

Having an editorial calendar is crucial to success. Laying out the content with details such as publish date, media type and promotion targets helps you keep on track. This is one area you just can’t wing it and hope for the best. If you create posts around a single or narrow topic, you will Tunisia WhatsApp Number List focused content that is easy to consume. Even though the trend is to write long-form content, shorter posts can still work to get you more visibility. After you write a few shorter posts to get started, then focus on some cornerstone content. Create this content to provide more details around some of your key areas of expertise.

Not Understanding

This goes back to determining your goals and understanding your ideal client needs. What you produce and in what media type has to align with your idea client. If your clients don’t like video or video is ha Tunisia WhatsApp Number List work, make sure you have text to accompany the video. Not knowing where to post your content to reach your ideal client. You can create the best content, but if you don’t promote it, it will stay hidden. But where to promote it is the question. Once again, knowing where your target will most likely see your content helps you determine where to post.

Tunisia WhatsApp Number List

Are you a local business? Post it on your Google My Business page. Does your audience hang out on Facebook? Put it on your Facebook page and personally share it to your friends. Are you selling Tunisia WhatsApp Number List owners? Share it on LinkedIn on your personal profile and company page. What content to produce and in what format.

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