World Case Teaching Day A Powerful Study Too

More than 17,000 Incaists have been trained with the distinctive method of the best business schools in the world: The case study method. Those who have passed through INCAE know very well the tension caused by the famous cold call with which professors usually surprise to open the discussion of a case. Chris Christensen, the main promoter of case method teaching, defines it as “the art of managing uncertainty” . The methodology, which is more than 100 years old, was created by Harvard Business School and is based on the analysis of real cases faced by organizations.

That is, it puts us face to face with a real problem. It is an interactive dynamic and mediated by the teacher, in which professionals have the opportunity to put themselves in leadership positions to make strategic decisions. For the resolution of the cases there is no correct answer, but a solution that is born from different perspectives, from the debate France Phone Number List by cultural differences and the constant challenge to oneself . In our classrooms, this form of study is accompanied by simulations, coaching processes, and indoor and outdoor activities. The result? Prepare to face scenarios of similar complexity in real life .

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On #WorldCaseTeachingDay, this February 2 , we celebrate the contribution that this method brings to our classes and to the lives of those who learn with it. Technological innovations to create millions of jobs. The World Economic Forum ‘s latest Future of Jobs report , which identifies trends in 20 economies across 12 industry sectors, suggests that 75 million jobs by machines and algorithms between 2018 and 2022. The positive news is that 133 million new jobs will most likely be during the same period .

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We are seeing the creation and elimination of jobs in various labor sectors. The types of jobs that will arise and depend on the industry and the robotization, digitization and automation that is. The report also highlights that in today’s market, 71% of total task hours. In each industry profiled in the report by humans, to 29%  by machines or algorithms. But the researchers predict that by 2022, the change will increase with 58% of task. Hours performed by humans and 42% by machines and algorithms.

Prepare To Face Scenarios Of Similar

As an example, it is that by 2022, more than half of an organization’s information-seeking and data-processing tasks. And perhaps even some reasoning, decision-making, and administrative tasks, by machines. Emerging Jobs for 2022 The top 10 emerging jobs are those that require distinctly “human” qualities. For example, jobs for sales professionals to grow in the coming years. Jobs in technology innovation and roles that include software and application development will also be in demand.

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