This can be seen in Google’s ability to score Spotify and Apple from Amazon. More recently, Planet Labs, Lush Cosmetics, and Evernote Brazil Phone Number List have also chosen Google Cloud because it can help them meet specific ne are four reasons why you should prefer Google Cloud over other products. Price Image source. One of the reasons Planet Labs turned to Google was the good prices.

Cloud Computing

Google differs from Amazon Web Services in that it only offers one pricing plan, where you pay monthly based on usage. The minimum usage time is ten minutes and is rounded to the nearest minute. An attractive pricing Brazil Phone Number List feature offered by Google is committed use Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List ¬†discounts. Under this plan, if you commit to 1 or 3 years, you can purchase ” a specified number of vCPUs and memory at up to 57 % off the regular price ”

Can Be Traced

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. Another advantage is that all virtual machines are included in use. Amazon, on the other hand, offers several complicated plans. Also, it rounds to the nearest hour instead of a minute, which makes it Brazil Phone Number List expensive. Additionally, Amazon offers committed discounts, but only for one virtual machine. Google has also promised its users that any price reductions the company will achieve due to technological improvements

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